Jannelle and Joe

Exclusively at Grand Haven Farmers Market

Simple Processing. Simply Delicious!

The process starts with pork from a local NON-GMO Michigan Farm. Each batch of sausage is carefully crafted in small batches from Caledonia, Michigan. This is truly farm to market; no middle man handling our product. We harvest, process and pack our meats all at one facility to ensure the highest quality and market ready sausage that is so good and good for you.

Benefits of the Jannelle & Joe Brand:

  • ➡ Fresh Non-GMO Pork from Local Michigan Farm
  • ➡ Minimally processed
  • ➡ Created in small batches
  • ➡ No MSG
  • ➡ Clean Label
  • ➡ No preservatives
  • ➡ No added hormones
  • ➡ No nitrates
  • ➡ No fillers
  • ➡ Gluten Free
  • ➡ Family business owned and operated

Best B&G Pork Sausage

THE BEST Biscuit and Gravy Sausage you will ever come across! We consider this our Flagship Sausage and we’ve brought samples to prove it. This blend boasts of rosemary with a twang of red pepper on the palate. Fry up B&G Sausage and add 2 simple pantry staples (flour & milk/cream) and you’ve got yourself a hearty sawmill sausage gravy. Don’t forget the biscuits.

Southern & Sage Pork Sausage

This is the southern one you’re looking for. A welcoming breakfast sausage with bold sage flavor. The moderation of visible red pepper flakes delivers a pleasant temperate “kick” of heat but not over the top. Pleasantly acceptable to the kids as well as the fastidious adult.

Straight-Up Traditional Pork Sausage

A good all-purpose sausage to use in everything. Use it as a base for your own secret recipe. Add fresh ingredients to create your one of a kind sausage: garlic, sage, thyme, nutmeg, ginger, basil….the list is endless. Complimentary to everything.

MBF Italian Pork Sausage

MAGNIFICO-BENISSIMO-MAGNIFICO!!! It’s Italian and we can hardly describe it in English! The GARLIC…The PEPPER and that punchy FENNEL has this Italian sausage bringing out the best in your pasta dishes.

The Butchers Brat Burger Pork Sausage

Brats on a burger bun? OH YEAH! We’d say this is better than a brat link any day! Easier to cook and easier to top. Think mounds of greens from the farmers market and FOUNDERS mustards!! YUM

Some Like it Hot Pork Sausage

Now, we’re not saying that this one is ghost pepper hot but we are saying it’s satisfyingly hot. No need to go all Scoville scale on us we didn’t measure it in the lab. We gaged it with our buds….both kinds friends and taste (buds).

Epicurean Chorizo Pork Sausage

Bright Red Chili, Cumin, Garlic and a complexity of other South American Spices & Herbs are blended to perfection in this top shelf Chorizo. Hello….did anyone say BREAKFAST BURRITOS or HUEVOS RANCHEROS?

Exit Sage Left Pork Sausage

NO NO to Sage…that’s what some folks would say so we’ve whipped this one up just for you. In this sausage the sage is replaced by nutmeg and ginger to give the sausage a more delicate flavor.

Pure Ground Pork

Nothing but the oink in this one.

Sold in 1lb.

$6.50 each or choose any 4 for $25

Landmark Pastoral Farms

In addition to the Non-GMO pork, we are also honored to provide the finest Registered Angus grass-fed beef that Michigan is producing. Jannelle & Joe is thrilled and privileged to sell the limited reserve of grass-fed ground beef from Landmark Pastoral Farms, which is located in Mount Pleasant Michigan, and owned by Todd Bean.

Todd’s unique combination of proprietary genetics and superior feed inputs results in excellently marbled beef. Carry all those qualities over to the perfect 80/20 blend of ground beef and you have a worthy product that the Jannelle & Joe brand is pleased to serve.

Landmark Farms logo

Prices for ground beef
Sold in 1lb.

$8.50 each or choose 4lbs for $32

Montana's Pet Treats

Montana Pet Treats

This is Montana. Montana loves dogs and fish and pigs and any kind of pet. Montana owns 2 dachshunds named Missy and Maisy. Montana works here each weekend to pack up yummy pet treats for her dogs. She knows your dog will love them as much as hers do.

PUP CAKES* – all beef $3.75/pkg
PremiYUM Beef Bones $2.50/pkg
Single Femur Bones $5.00 each
Guaranteed Analysis for PUP CAKES
Crude Protein (min) 15%
Crude Fat (max) 30%
Crude Fiber (max) 0%
Moisture (max) 60%
Calcium (min) 50mg/oz

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