Porkuary head Porkuary! Now through April 2023, we have half or whole pig ready for you to pick up - order now!

Freezer Pork

Deposits starting at: $175.00$350.00 Final price is weight dependent.

Freezer Pork December 2022 – April 2023

Hanging Weight* Price – $2.50/lb – Pork is NOT an all-inclusive price due to individual customers choices of smoked meat and sausage preferences

*Hanging weight is weight of the pig on the rail before cutting.

Deposits are for approximately half of the cost. Final cost is weight dependent after harvest.
Pork Portion Target Hanging Weight Kill Fee Processing/lb Smoked Meat/lb Links Deposit
½ Pig 100# WAIVED $0.74 1.10/lb ham + 1.79/lb bacon $1.10/lb $175
1 Whole Pig 200# WAIVED $0.74 1.10/lb ham + 1.79/lb bacon $1.10/lb $350
Pork Cuts
Sirloin Roast
Picnic Roast
Pork Steaks

Yields guaranteed at 70% or higher based on standard cuts.


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