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The obligation in the conversion of food animals into edible products is to harvest the animal in a humane manner. We follow guidelines set up by the USDA and the AWA. Caledonia Packing is a certified Animal Welfare Approved facility. The AWA has the most rigorous standards for farm animal welfare currently in use by any United States organization. It is expected that the farmer will also abide by the procedures outlined here so that together we generate an identity of respectable character.

Custom harvest days are Mondays.
Federal harvest days are Wednesdays.
You must call to make an appointment for your animal(s)

We prefer that animals be well rested overnight at our facility.Please make plans to deliver your livestock the day before harvest. If it is your first time to drop off at our facility, please come between the hours of 7am and 5pm. We will help you unload and give instructions about marking your animals for proper tracking. After you understand the drop off process, feel free to drop off animals at any time the day before harvest.

We are located at 3892 92nd St in Caledonia on the corner of East Paris and 92nd St.

Aerial view of facility

When arriving at the facility you will see an outdoor corral that is attached to 2 barns. On the east side of the corral is a large barn with 4 stalls for cattle. On the opposite side are smaller pens for hogs, lambs and goats.

Before you enter either of the barns, there is a cabinet and a peg board with pen cards.

Any back tags or marking tools you need are in the cabinet between the pens. An attendant can be available to assist you in unloading your animals. If you have questions or need help please give us a call at 1-616-891-8447 or text us anytime at 1-218-414-1102!

Be sure to:

  1. Fill in your name and PHONE NUMBER
  2. Indicate number of livestock and pen they are in
  3. Let us know what organ meat to save
  5. Place your Pen Slip in the plastic envelope attached to the stall.
  6. Fill out the Animal Welfare Transportation and Antibiotic Expectations form below.
Download Caledonia Packing Pen Slip
Front of pen slip
Back of pen slip

This form needs to be on file at Caledonia Packing per USDA AND AWA requirements. USDA customers MUST fill out this form BEFORE dropping off animals.

Caledonia Packing Antibiotic AffidavitUpdated on 11-28-2018