Caledonia Packing offers its own processing services. What better way to ensure the highest quality and freshest meat packing than by having your animals butchered and processed all at one facility. We hang beef for a minimum of 7-10 days. If you desire a longer hanging time please inform us when you book your beef. Hogs, lambs, and goats are processed within 7 days of butcher.

It is our intent to conservatively cut your meat so that you obtain a high yield of product. We cut steaks and roasts with a thin bladed band saw and trim everything else by hand. Our tied roasts are carefully knotted with butcher twine or netting. We prepare your cuts so that they are appealing and presentable. We use bone guard as needed to prevent bones from breaking through the packages.

We label all your packages with your name and the particular cut ordered. Our packaging consists of 3 mil bags that are vacuum–packed and double sealed.

Our freezer is maintained at -10 degree F. This deep freeze, well below your standard freezer, allows for less ice crystal formation thus preventing freezer burn.

All of your meat products are conveniently packed in our custom sized boxes that fit our freezer drawers. Your boxes are labeled and counted when going into the freezer so that locating them is not difficult. We like to work with our customers that need to divide up orders. We will divide Beef into “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”, quarters, and small animals into “A” & “B” halves.